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Miguel Zakharia
Flux and React - a new way to think about building your UI

Flux is not a framework nor is it a library. It's a new architecture that supports React and unidirectional data flow. So what's React? React is a UI library that makes creating stateful and reusable components easy. Yes, that describes pretty much every other framework and library out there. Come learn about what sets React apart from the rest. This talk will cover why it's not so bad to put HTML in JS code, basics of Flow architecture and the Virtual DOM. We will go through a sample application that will help convey the concepts.

Software engineer, entrepreneur, soccer fan, family man. Co-Founder of Mytinerary (http://MytineraryApp.com ) & Co-Lead of DE .NET Group (http://FirstStatedot.net )

Location: Corporation Service Company
Sponsor: Corporation Service Company