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Alvin Ashcraft
Cross-Platform Development with Telerik AppBuilder

Telerik AppBuilder (formerly Icenium) allows developer to build cross-platform mobile apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The platform currently supports the creation of apps for both iOS and Android, which Windows Phone 8 support coming soon. We will examine IDE choices, JavaScript framework support, PhoneGap integration, cloud services and deployment to the app stores. Get up and running with mobile using your existing web development skillset. (Rescheduled from May 2014)

Alvin is a Microsoft Visual C# MVP and .NET developer in the Philadelphia area. He has nearly 20 years of software development experience in the Healthcare, Financial and Manufacturing industries, primarily using Microsoft tools. Alvin currently builds enterprise clinical health care software for Genzeon Corporation in Exton, PA.

Location: Corporation Service Company   [ Map ]
Sponsor: Corporation Service Company

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Dave Voyles
Building HTML5 cross platform mobile apps

THIS MEETING HAS MOVED BACK TO THU.[[br]][[br]] HTML5 has grown dramatically over the last few years. Previously it was seen as only a web language, but recently, thanks to the open source Cordova project, it has grown to become far more valuable. As a testament to the flexibility and power of HTML5, developers can now write full applications for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android - and quickly deploy to each of those platforms.[[br]][[br]] The first half of the class will offer a high-level overview of various tools we can use to build mobile applications. We'll follow up by getting our hands dirty and creating some apps of our own, which we'll then deploy. The class will cover:[[br]][[br]] · How to port a website to a finished app, in minutes[[br]] · Various tools for writing cross platform HTML5 apps – IntelXDK, Cordova, Phone Gap, & App Builder[[br]] · Popular frameworks to expedite your work[[br]][[br]] A computer (not a tablet) will be necessary to follow along and code in real time. Pizza and soda will be provided at the event. (Thanks, Microsoft!)

Dave is a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, working out of Philadelphia. He was previously a Senior Software Engineer on the Product Dev team at Comcast in Philadelphia, where he was working on Xbox One, 360, Windows 8, SmartGlass, and various web solutions.

Location: Corporation Service Company
Sponsor: Microsoft