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Brian Donahue
Automating Builds & Deployments: Tips and Tricks from the Trenches

Does building and deploying your app involve more than a "git push"? If so, how much time are you losing managing and monitoring the process?[[br]][[br]]In this talk we'll take a whirlwind tour around the state of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment in .NET-land. We'll look at some of the libraries and tools that are available for scripting your own builds, configuration management, build servers, package management, and deployment, including some of the popular services like AppVeyor and OctopusDeploy.[[br]][[br]]Halloween might be over, but bring your deployment horror stories and we can discuss them around the glow of our melting build servers!

Brian Donahue is a software developer with 15 years experience in a variety of web application platforms, most recently working with C#, ASP.NET, Node.js, and Javascript. He has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) in the C# language, and founded and led the Philly Alt.NET user group for 5 years. His consulting company, [[a]]http://www.vitreosolutions.com[[,]]Vitreo Solutions[[/a]], provides custom business software and systems integration for its clients.

Location: 1313 Innovation / Hercules Bldg
Sponsor: Corporation Service Company