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James Chambers
ASP.NET Web Hooks

Systems are connected now, you can't escape that. The reality is that when "some important event" occurs in your system, you're going to have at least some other system that will need to know about it. Web hooks makes this possible in a way that allows third party applications to self-serve the sign up process using the same technique provided by a host of applications out there from GitHub to Azure and facilitating integration with services like IFTTT and Zapier. Come see what makes this all tick and work through a sample application with all the moving parts.

James Chambers was weaned onto a Commodore VIC-20 and has been programming pretty much every day since. Today, he spends his spare time at user groups, local schools and community events helping as he can. While he codes in several languages on both the server and client, don't let the glasses fool you; he's no hipster. You can catch up with his latest musings on Twitter @CanadianJames, at his blog jameschambers.com, or twice weekly on the [[a]]http://aspnetmonsters.com/[[,]]ASP.NET Monsters[[/a]] on Channel 9.

Location: 1313 Innovation / Hercules Bldg
Sponsor: Corporation Service Company